How to Get Your Free CIBIL Report


Credit Bureaus entered the niche of Indian Finance Market in 2004. And it revolutionized every bank’s system of assessing customers’ credit worthiness. Oh, what a breather it was for lenders! Take a look at the number and that’s all they need to decide whether this person could be trusted with unsecured personal loans.

For a few years, it was all hush-hush. Only banks could access this info. Customers who were denied loans were at their wits’ end.

WHY am I denied the loan?

WHAT on earth is this CIBIL score they keep talking about?

DON’T tell me I have to shell out more money to get this credit report!

HOW can I ensure that the bank is not lying to me about my credit score?

HOW did they come to know I defaulted before when I applied at a different bank?


Are the above questions and concerns chasing each other in your head in circles? Now you can easily access your credit score online. Few people know that customers are entitled to get one free credit report in a year. You can do this online, which shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes.

How to apply for free credit report online:

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Fill out the required Personal Details and Click on the “SUBMIT” button


Step 3:  You will be required to provide a few more details about yourself. Please fill in the required details and click on SUBMIT.


Step 4: Hit the SUBMIT button and you will be directed to another page, which says this:


Step 5:  Fill Out Optional Credit Card Details


Step 6:  Complete the Online Consumer Authentication by matching your credit card limits to the lender.


Step 7: Download your CIBIL Report PDF.


Get your free online credit score at:



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