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Should I Use an Instant Loan to Finance my Relocation Expenses?


If you’re planning to switch cities, it is important to create a ‘moving’ budget. However, while working on the budget, you will realize there are plenty of costs that cannot be fully covered with your emergency savings. In certain cases, you might also avoid using these funds in a bid to save them for more serious situations. The solution? An instant loan. Available at low interest rates and flexible tenures, these loans can cover most of your moving costs. That said, when should you consider taking these loans? What situations are ideal for taking an instant loan? Let’s find out!

You’re Getting a Higher-Paying Job

If you are planning to switch cities for a new job, and it offers a better (read higher) salary, you’ll probably manage to afford the payments. So, before taking the loan, check if it affects your income positively. Finally, apply for the loan only when you are certain about paying it off.

You Can Easily Afford The Payments

For people switching cities for their first job, an instant loan may not be the best option. That is because you’ll be on a shoestring budget where the added liability of a loan can end up stretching your resources a bit too thin. 

You should only get the loan if you can comfortably repay it every month. While estimating the costs, take every relevant fixed expense into account. That means, consider your rent, travel costs, credit card bills (average), grocery bills, and every other cost you might incur every month. Next, add your installment amount and see if you can afford the entire thing. Apply for the loan only when you can repay it without much hassle. Also, make sure the costs are within your budget and there’s ample breathing room for emergency expenses.  

You Do Not Have Other Financial Obligations

If you’re reeling under multiple debts, taking a new loan to cover relocation expenses isn’t a good idea. Ideally, this instant personal loan should be the only debt you have. This will ensure that you aren’t overburdened with debts. Additionally, your credit utilization ratio will also be in check. 

Finally, apply for the loan only when you do not have other financial obligations like credit card or student loan debts. In case you do, make sure the balances are low. Once you take care of this, managing payments will be more convenient. 

You Intend To Pay Off The Loan

When you get a new instant loan, it is extremely important to have a solid plan for paying it off. In case you don’t, getting an extra debt will only exacerbate your existing financial issues. 

What Specific Relocation Expenses Can I Cover With an Instant Loan?

  • Hiring packers and movers.
  • Hiring a new truck.
  • Getting moving supplies.
  • Transferring your vehicles.
  • Renting a new home.

Bottom Line

Financing your relocation expenses with an instant loan is certainly a great idea. But before making the decision, ensure that your finances are in check and you aren’t unnecessarily stretching your resources. 


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