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Travel the World with Instant Personal Loan from Qbera


An interesting travel quote I came across is – ‘Travel while you’re young and able, don’t worry about the money, just make it work. Experience is far more worth than money will ever be’.

Sure, traveling opens up one’s horizons and bring about peace, serenity and acceptance but to travel without funds is not prudent. Yes, you do get valuable experiences but not having money and being stranded in a foreign place is not the experience you really want – right? Instead of digging into your savings or using up all your funds in one go, you can opt for an instant travel loan from Qbera.

Why traveling is Important

Traveling is a wonderful way to improve your social skills. The technological advancements and the virtual world that we are living in has robbed us of social skills. The art of talking to complete strangers and making new friends at new destinations is something that no book can teach.

It is a good stress buster. The disconnect from your daily routine and tension does wonders for your body and mind. Relaxing by the sea or being awed by the majesty of mountains, helps put life in perspective and helps manage anxiety and depression.

The variety of cuisines the world has to offer is mind-boggling. The sheer variety of vegetarian, non-vegetarian and sea-food cuisines and the subtle differences in the way of preparing a dish with multifarious exotic spices is enough to drag the most reluctant person into being a foodie. Good food not just fills you up, it also lures you into a sense of well-being and prosperity.

Traveling to unfamiliar places helps in sharpening the mind and creates new and happy memories which can be like guiding lights while facing exceptional stress during life’s everyday routine.

Why use a Qbera loan for travel?

If you travel and exhaust all your savings, you might come home to more stress. It is better to partly use your savings while the rest is funded by a personal loan. Instant personal loans are quite easily available and are armed with manageable interest rates that start at 10.99% in addition to long repayment tenures that span up to 5 years. When I say this is quite simple it means you can take a travel loan and once you come back, you can repay the amount in manageable EMIs over a period of time. This removes any kind of financial stress that you may otherwise experience.

Qbera is a Fintech company that uses the latest technology in assessing your creditworthiness and instantly processes your loan. There is minimal documentation along with lenient eligibility criteria, which makes it an ideal choice. The process is completely digital in all levels, from application filling, document submission and verification to disbursal of the loan amount being done online without the need to visit a branch or step out of your home.

However, before applying, carefully read the eligibility requirements and prudently choose the interest rate and tenure so that the amount is easily managed within your monthly salary.

The eligibility criteria are:

  • Salaried individuals with a minimum take-home salary of Rs 18,000/-
  • An individual in the age group of 23-55 years
  • A minimum CIBIL score of 600 and no payment defaults in the last 24 months

Documents required include:

  • Aadhaar card
  • PAN card
  • Salary slips and bank statements
  • Photographs
  • Cheque leaves



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